AntiContainer is an extension and framework to DownThemAll! which allows the user to download resources that are normally hidden behind container pages.

For instance almost all so called "one-click" image hosters, such as imagevenue, use such container pages. AntiContainer enables DownThemAll! to download the actual images there instead of just the page.

In a first iteration lots of redirect services as well as popular image hosts are included as official plugins (AntiContainer has no affiliation with these hosters).


  1. First you need to install DownThemAll!
    (stable or the latest development version should be fine)
  2. Then download and install


You don't really need to do anything. AntiContainer will integrate with DownThemAll! and add a new filter which is enabled by default. See Screenshot below.

Downloading will happen seamlessly and unnoticeable; at least it should.

Screenshot Filter

Enabling and disabling plugins

In the case you want to disable a particular plugin just open up the DownThemAll! preferences window where AntiContainer integrates:

Screenshot Plugin Management

Adding third-party plugins

You may install plugins you received as a file from Preferences/Anti?-Container/Install? Plugin.

Authors may also make plugins installable from the web.
You're then presented with an installation page looking like this:

Screenshot Web install

Please note that although it should be secure to add third-party plugins in theory AntiContainer is a fairly new development and security holes may exist. Hence it is advisable to only add plugins from sources you trust.

Writing plugins


Source code

See  Github


DownThemAll! AntiContainer is licensed under MPL1.1/GPL2.0/LGPL2.1.

Bugs and enhancement requests

Please file a new ticket in  Github Issues.