Welcome to the DownThemAll! Bug tracker

We, the developers of DownThemAll!, want to create a great Firefox extension: thats' why we need your precious help!

Filing tickets

Here’s a few step to follow if you have found a bug and you want to report it:

1. Try to confirm that it is actually a defect in DownThemAll!.

2. Browse bug reports and requests to avoid posting redundant notifications.
( Old bug tracker with many reports is still available.)

Top bugs/RFEs:

Request to have advanced option for wait/time delay between downloads

No results

3. When you report a bug, try to be as much accurate as you can. You have to specify:

  1. DownThemAll! and Firefox version numbers
  2. Your operating system
  3. A step-by-step list of the actions that cause the problem
  4. You should also attach a diagnostic log helping us to diagnose the problem.
  5. Please do not point out our competitors again and again. We already know about FlashGot, FlashGet, Getright et. al. and that they all have some more or less interesting features dTa not yet implements. This starts getting annoying.

There is also a short list of known incompatible software and extensions.

This is very important so we can actually see and fix the bug.

Ready? Click here to register an account (OpenId) and/or report a new bug.

Please note that we expect you to answer our questions. So if you don't monitor your tickets (usually you'll receive email notifications) and we didn't receive enough details to properly reproduce that problem, we simply cannot solve it.

Please note that it doesn't mean we developers are ignoring tickets just because there is no response. We need to dedicate time to write a response and writing one just to acknowledge we read something seems pointless, especially in the light that we have not that much time to dedicate anyway. We will comment on tickets only when we have something to report.

Patches welcome!

If you're a developer yourself (or want to become one) then see CreatingPatches.

Feature Requests

We will accept Feature Requests as well.

Keep in mind that your request should cover something that will add value to DownThemAll!, a download manager.

Requesting features like following examples will not implemented, ever:

  • dTa should cook my coffee.
  • I want to mirror a whole website using dTa.
  • Can you please support some generic proprietary protocol, like RTSP.
  • I want to have an option to do xy that fits just my needs and is useless to everybody else.

Also, please bare in mind that DownThemAll! is developed by us spending our free time and without any financial background.

Ending this with a citation:

The answer to "Why doesn't this feature exist?" is usually "By default features don't exist. Somebody has to implement them."
It's not like every feature you can think of comes out of your brain fully tested and implemented, and then some [Manager] somewhere files a bug to have your feature removed.
Features start out nonexistent and somebody has to make them happen.

Raymond Chen 23-JUN-2005